3dmagix is up again!


this time he renamed it as

“Blender 3D Creation Studio Suite & 3DMagix Video Training Package”

So I guess it’s “ok” then…

Old news :P.

I don’t think the owner of this (and many other images on that page) gave up his rights to either Blender Foundation or “Cody Landon”:


So it’s still far from being ok.

Geez, he formatted that stupid page like popups usually look, with some really shitty HTML skills… I can’t believe this is legal.

I’m happy because this time they have removed my stuff(I had to write an e-mail for this)

Holy crap, that makes blender look similar to any commercial 3d-package, you know, flashy pictures that make you think: “oh my, i can do that with this software? i better buy it”

he claims anyone with no experience can make a pixar move EASILY in 2 hours. it’s going to be an easy fraud conviction. give the judge 2 hours, or even the seller two hours to make a pixar movie on a simple home computer. i bet pixar wishes he would show them how to make their movies easily within 2 hours for $27 so they can stop wasing million of dollars and thousands of man hours making their movies.

telling someone they can get pro quality results in 2 hours with no skills when not even the pros can get pro quality results in 2 hours is fraud. if you can crank out pro results in two hours why would you need 5 hours of tutorials? wouldn’t you movie be finished faster than you could just watch the tutorials? why watch the last 3 hours when your movie is already finished and pixar quality.

Already the amount of repetitive images and slogans should tell everybody
that this is a joke - a joke as much as this product is being advertised.

This is even below QVC level.

OK, I’ll byte(get it…).

What is QVC?

Shoot me for that stupid joke.

QVC is a TV retail and product showcasing channel, my mother watches it a lot and has bought quite a bit of stuff from them. They show a lot of jewerly and clothing for women, kitchen accesories, and other stuff like ideas for Christmas gifts when that season comes around.

The same can be said about most TV-shopping sheesh, but still a lot of people actually buy things from those advertisements. And people take it seriously in spite of the ridiculous false-acting. So, this method (sadly) works…

For a while I didn’t know I was the only person who mutes commercials, but it seems that other people in my area enjoy ads, and once my teacher started a class discussion about peoples’ favorite NFL ads, as if NFL isn’t stupid enough.
And so there’s actually a channel which is nothing but a commercial?

(My mute button actually broke from over-use. No joke)


because of those ads amount and bad shows I even stopped having TV.

Thanks to broadband internet I dont need to pay for 4 channels I watch.
And most TV movies are horribly cut and censored here anyway.


that is true and that says something about the people.

Oh…I do not watch TV, so I would not have understood otherwise…I’m just odd that way.

I only watch one actual TV show. Other than that it’s just movies. But it’s enough to be annoyed by pieces of meat getting ripped apart in HD and in slow motion at longer intervals than the show itself.

I hear you, guys! I absolutely LOATHE those tv-ads too, they’ve been increasing
their air-time from 2.5 minutes to 5, now to 7.5, and lately a whopping 10 minutes!

Luckily I have Digital-HDTV-CableTV, this means it comes with an intelligent
box with amazing time-slip abilities and 2 separate tuners and a tv-guide.

This system means I can SKIP-ADS entirely and that is a BIG relief. So
everytime I see the ads start, I press either SKIP or PAUSE (depending on either
my Time-Slip function…) meaning I pause the LIVE transmission (and the Harddisk
keeps recording, when I come back, I can just skip the ads) or if it was pre-recorded
on eg. Tuner 2 (by the electronic tv-guide) which means I recorded only the
programs, meaning - I can just skip all ads :wink:

Power back to the people, long live time-slipping :smiley:

Power to the internet and TV movies and shows over network channels or services like Hulu.

There are quite a few spelling mistakes and cody even calls 3DS MAX 3D MAX

Meh. Hulu is bull, it doesn’t work outside the states.