3dmagix sells Blender

At http://www.3dmagix.com/ you can find all the details. As far as I remember the site was shut down for w while, but they are on again.

Hahah. At one point on the features page, they actually forgot to substitute Blender. :rolleyes:

Blender is the Industry-Leading 3D Modelling / Animation / Game Design Software Used By Animation Studios and Home Users Worldwide

Seriously? Again? Hahahahahahahaha…this guy just doesn’t give up…

Maybe he doesn’t give up because he’s actually making money? :mad:

Well, it’s legal…

edit: I take that back, he has copyrighted images up there.

3Dmagix is a how-to video suite. That’s generally what he’s selling, but he’s included blender in it… I think he’s definately overdoing it. $27 is allot to pay for a how-to DVD when all the movie resources from blender’s past projects are still free and floating around the web…

I found this rather funny:


who the hell (apart from the copyright owner) cares what this guy does? You can’t do anything about it.

Obviously he is doing money with it, but then again GPL allows him to sell Blender, or any other GPL app for the matter.

The thing is, there always will be people, who are more than willing to buy software, than to start using software that is free. The reason for this is, that if they pay for something, they feel, that they get a professionally done and designed app, while all free is just amateurish, unfunctional rubbish.

And yet, you still hear people complaining about lack of tutorials etc. People paying for this is the sort that wants a one-stop thing.

Yes actually you can as far as I know.

8 hours of video tutorials and an 80 page manual for $27 isn’t too bad. I think the issue is honesty.

if that IS what he’s selling. He doesn’t seem to clear on that sort of thing. Infact it looks quite possable that the videos arn’t his work either. I mean, if a guy’s created 8 hours of well-made video tutoreal why isn’t he getting the blender foundation to help him promote and distribute it?

Sorry for double post, but as I’m totally disagreeing with my last post, I didn’t think an edit would work.