3dmouse (space navigator)

im looking into getting the space navigator and I am wondering if it is compatible with blender and what functionality you would get with it.
the only thing I have found connected to blender shows it taking over the mouse pointer to move the viewport. but I have seen it used in maya where there rotating and moving vertexes at the same time is this sort of thing possible in blender


Personally I can only confirm that SpaceNavigator works fine with Blender under Windows and Linux.
Allows you to rotate and move about your scene, or manipulate objects as if you were holding them in your hand.

A very basic (and old) video of operation…

Completely compatible. 3Dconnexion even advertises with Blender on their website. It’s also a DREAM to use combined with a tablet. If you get the wacky “pro” version you can assign the buttons to Blender functions, but it’s mostly a needlessly expensive gadget. The compact Spacemouse Wireless is awesome.

I have a configuration issue (I think) with my Space Navigator (SN). I’m also brand new to Blender. Instead of orbiting around the object, everything revolves around the camera. The point of origin (I think that’s what I read it was called) is a short distance in front of the object rather than in it, but since the camera also rotates around it, I don’t think that’s the problem. What might I try to solve this?

In a similar vein, it’s hard to keep the things that I want to see in the view port. When I move the SN, it resists what I want to do, deferring to rolls, and somersaults. I’ve been fiddling with the SN config utility, and it does recognize Blender as the software I’m using at the moment, and also the settings in Blender…but I’m not having much of an effect, at least not a positive one. I’m much obliged for any points in the right direction.

Blender ignores all settings made in the SN config utility, if you have a Blender profile saved in it, you can safely delete it and use default settings. (in fact, you dont need 3dconnexion’s drivers at all, Blender will see the device anyway) All settings for button mapping, sensitivity, and axis flipping must be done within Blender itself.