3DNP for 2.5?

Hi all,

I have started using the 3DNP java system used to show off 3d models.
Currently the rig for the camera in the .blend file provided there only works with 4.*
as it uses linked scripting. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to achieve the same results using 2.5 as there doesn’t seem to be the same options for the script in the zip that Thorsten Schlüter supplies.

Thanks in advance

there is no 3dnp for 2.5 that I am aware of, but there is a web exporter for 2.56 for the three.js library. I’m waiting on a 2.57 update.

Check out the demos at the bottom! (You might need a really new browser for them to work)

I know this is an old thread but it is the most recent on I could find on 3DNP. I have it and it does work on 2.63. You just have to follow the directions in the pdf that is included with the download. One question though. What exactly does thoro mean when he says “cap buffer”? I have no idea what that is. It is mentioned in the pdf manual.