I’ve been an on-and-off Blender user for about 2 years now, and I just finished up with my latest project. Took a few days to model and texture this.

Based after a Sony Clie’


Second Render

C&C welcome.


Looks good. IMHO it could have used better composition, like…it lying in a desk with other stuff(pc, cell phone, etc)…

nice model, I agree about the composition.


nice model looks fairly real, might want to put OSA on and crank it up to 16
good job

OSA was on 16… the artifacts (or whatever it was you saw) might be from the JPEG compression.

It’s scary how real it is. :o

good model! although stuff like that (actually everything that lies around on a table) wants to be rendered with yafray. so do it, and it will probably look really real :wink:

and maybe use a more realistic texture for the table.


I think your text is a little off, but I like the way the gray input area looks, nice job.

looks quite neat.

thanks for all the great comments guys.

I see what you’re saying about the composition… I’ll be sure to work on that for my next project.

I rendered a second version (this time with a stylus). I couldn’t get yafray to work, so it’s still Blenders internal renderer.

check fist post.


nice work. I like second version, but it’s reflection of the panel is weird. I don’t think your PC (and keyboard) is reflected in there.