3ds Export With No Tri (Just Quads) How?

I’m making products for turbosquid. 3ds is the most popular file, yet I keep seeing my files exported with Tri’s. I understand that 3ds files exported from Blender do not import into Max very well either.

How can these two problems be addressed?

  1. Quads not converted to tri.
  2. Maximum importabiltiy (expecially with Max)



3ds is the old 3d studio format from dos… IIRC it was triangles only, (but could support “hidden” edges)

it’s a really lousy proprietary format, obj is much better and nicer in pretty much every way to 3ds… is it really that popular still?

last I looked there were a lot of max format files on these sorts of sites (which can only be read or written if you have
3ds max…)

personally If i wanted to transfer models to autodesk products I’d use obj or fbx format, good transfer of lots of features (once you read the manual/make some test exports to work out the best options)

Too bad there isn’t a way to export max :smiley:

I didn’t know that about 3ds. Thanks for the education :smiley:

see the edit in my last post…

fbx is owned and recommended by autodesk for interoperability between their products

So when I export the Kaydara FBX file type its perfectly compatible with autodesk products?

not perfect, but about as good as you’ll get… (autodesk bought kaydara, motion builder has been an autodesk product for years…)

the fbx format is proprietry and un-documented, but the blender exporter is pretty good, perfect for geometry, multiple uvs, vertex weights, heirarchys, objects and names etc…

the materials basic definition goes across perfectly but you may need to set up ant multitexturing again in your target app… maybe more extensive material export will be possible later with 2.5 series…

autodesk have some extra features (un-documented) that give almost perfect round tripping between max/maya, but I’ve been using fbx and maya all year to get assets from blender to maya easily…