3ds export

i have created a mesh in blender from parts i have made in blender and a 3ds model i imported. i then tried to export the whole model as a 3ds(so far it is just a static model with no animation) but the 3ds file i created lacked most of the parts in my model. the parts were formed by joining certain pieces of geometry and i tried to export the model both as individual parts and as parts(the undercarriage) parented to the main bulk(the fuselage) of the model. the fuselage was the parent in this case. i have tried to select all my parts and export only the selection but still the fuselage will not export. i have set different parts as the active object when exporting and the problem still continues.NO error message is shown.what am i doing wrong?

please help i still haven’t got an answer to this from anyone.

Well you haven’t done the most basic thing of linking to your blend file and 3ds file. How can you expect anyone to be able to help without having access to the base file ? You also didn’t say in your duplicate thread why 3ds

ok i want 3ds because i have a number of programs which use this format for 3d models, next i would have had the blend file here along with all the textures it uses but the .zip folder would not upload.