3ds exporter?

I was curious if I could export to 3ds format with my .blends… or get a dxf to 3ds, or get a vrml to 3ds… anyway, thanks for the replies in advance!~

Yes I did search knowledge base with “3ds” I’ve searched on google, I searched here, and it didn’t come up with what I was looking for… any help guys?


this isn’t exactly 3DS files, but OBJ is a pretty standard format so…


Basically you need to export your .blend file to something more … *cough *cough *standart *cough… file format, either by the built-in VRML or DXF or by scripts that allow more exotic/refined formats.

Once you have your file ‘out there’ you use one of the many 3rd parthy programs that can convert to 3DS.

For example: CrossRoads, Mikshape 3D, Anim8tor, NemaX, etc. etc. etc.

Also, keep in mind that converting between formats almost never is a trouble free process, usually you need to fix material settings, fix some geometry that got out of place, remove doubles, fix the scale, and a long list of etc. etc. etc. etc.

The best converter for 3ds/obj/wrml I found: Wings3d.
It can transfer the UVs, and it can handle the quad faces.
We use it to convert game characters, levels from/to Blender from/to 3DSMAX.