3DS file import

I have a VERY complex 3ds file I need imported into blender, with textures and material info intact, what do I need to do this and where do i get it. thanx

I am not sure about 3DS OBJ export capability.
If 3DS have a good OBJ exporter, maybe my tip here can help:


i dont think that it is possible to import objects with their textures in blender… :frowning:

alright forget textureing.

dittohead, you dont have to forget about textures, at least not if 3DS
support OBJ file format.
To d52477001, it is possible to import textures into Blender, if you read my example:
https://blenderartists.org/viewtopic.php?t=3926 Here you can see how I did it.

If it work for me, it will hopefully work for you : )


Crossroads 3D
Open 3D Studio(.3ds) / Save As - VRML V2.0 (.wrl) / Open in Blender.


Wings 3D
Import 3D Studio(.3ds) / Export - VRML V2.0 (.wrl) / Open in Blender.