3ds import problem

hi, it was working okay in the morning but at this moment blender (2.42a) gives me this error message when I try to import a 3ds model.


I even reinstalled blender but it didn’t solve the problem.

do you have any idea?


the pic is saying that there is no such file as *.3ds…
-try renaming the file to “somethingelse.3ds” and placing it in the c:\ main directory for temporary, yet eaisier access

I tried number of ways like your suggestion but nothing worked…:frowning:

I have another problem. I try to open a file for example “a.blend” file and blender gives me a error message, it says “b.blend” file couldn’t found. When I rename the a file to b it works…but whenever I save the file as “c.blend” and try to re-open “b.blend”, it says “c.blend” couldn’t be found.

This two problem is kiling me…Reinstalling even doesnt help… I guess both problem is related…

I solved the problem…but it seems weird…:slight_smile:

while importing, if i select a file by right click, it gives error…if I press it left mouse button and right click, it imports without problem…

thx for your reply…

It is the way you open the file.

When you click the button (Open or Import) it tries to open the file with the name stated in the second line.
You have to left click on a filename. The clicked name will be show up in the second line (first line contains the path). If you open a file Blender defaults to the last file name you saved.

Right click makes selection without changing the name in the second line. Not all dialogs support selections (open,import). But you can use right click with the append dialog.

But nice that you found it by yourself