3DS-Like Settings For Blender

Hello Everyone! This is the first release, I guess, of my addon for Blender, 3DS-Like Settings! I’ve just added a few things like drag selecting and deselecting and access to the UV menu in UV mode. I use 3DS Max for school, and going back and forth was killing me, so this kind of helps.

(Sorry can’t figure out how to format this, it’s better in the readme)[INDENT=2]W 3D View Switch to Move Gizmo[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]W UV Mode Move selected vertices/edges/faces

G 3D View Specials Menu
G UV Mode Weld/Align Menu

E 3D View Switch to Rotate Gizmo
E UV Mode Rotate selected vertices/edges/faces

R 3D View Switch to Scale Gizmo
R UV Mode Scale selected vertices/edges/faces

S Edit Mode Extrude Region

Space 3D View Dynamic Space Bar Menu (If Installed, Recommended)

Left Click + Drag 3D View/UV Mode Select everything under border select, deselect all other vertices/edges/faces
Shift + Left Click + Drag 3D View/UV Mode Adds everything under border select to selected vertices/edges/faces
Alt + Left Click + Drag 3D View/UV Mode Removes everything under border select from selected vertices/edges/faces

Right Click 3D View BmaxTools (Highly recommended)
Right Click UV Mode UV’s Menu
Alt + Right Click 3D View/UV Mode Place 3D/2D Cursor

Middle Mouse 3D View/UV Mode Pan View
Alt + Middle Mouse 3D View Rotate View

Mouse Wheel 3D View/UV Mode Zoom[/INDENT]

There is no hotkey for Extrude Region anymore, but with Alt + E and the BMax Menu, I don’t mind too much, may look for a solution.

If anything is not right or broken, just let me know and I’ll try and fix it. Thanks everyone!


3DS-Like_Settings.zip (5.59 KB)