3DS max 2013 animation and rig export to Blender 2.7

Hi… i know this has been posted multiple times over the years… but is there really still no way of doing it? :frowning:

Please help me if there is a solution, i really dont want to have to re-rig and animate!


if you have 3ds max on your machine and need to do this a collada (dae) file should be able to carry all the data across and bring it back in blender, collada files contain the geometry, a basic rig and the texturing though material settings usually need their diffuse, spec,hardness and transparency reset once in blender. if you don;t have 3ds max yourself find a friend with it ad get them to perform the export from 3dsmax to collada step for you. i can’t remember if collada will cary the animation but this way atleast you won’t have to re-rig.