3ds Max 2017.1

It would be nice to have these tools in blender!

You can already do video 1, 2 and 4 for quite some time now.

Not so sure about automatic crease weights and the last one. (I have never tried those)

Automatic crease weight looks like a bad gimmick.

Tension deform looks cool. A workaround would be using drivers. I think they showed that on blender conference. https://youtu.be/a91yEF98ROs?t=765

This really depends on whether Max 2017 allows you to utilize such information in any part of the workflow as opposed to just rendering (as is the case in Blender).

Having such attributes available for things like rigging, modeling, and the modifiers could come in handy.

no linux version, still ancient, not interested

Man, i’d love a linux version of 3dsmax… Hell would freeze over first though, it requires a total redesign from the ground up to make that happen. On one hand, this is Autodesk, they have the resources to do it, but on the other - it’s Autodesk, so they’ll never do it.

Tension deform is the best, anyone have tried any addon similar to that?

3ds max was first released in 1996, Blender in 1995, what´s ancient about it?

The main problem, at least, my main problem with Max is the fact that they leave all the old stuff in there, making it ridiculously cluttered, MCG is a step in the right direction, hell, their sample MCG pack merges a lot of the old modifiers, which is great, all the old ones just needs to be gone as well.

Example is their subdivision modifiers, they have turbosmooth, subdivide, opensubdivide, smooth? And a whole lot other modifiers that serve the exact same purpose, just written differently. Why not merge all those into a single modifier where the user can choose which one to apply in the modifier options.

Also, Blender IIRC, revamps a lot of code frequently. (And another is coming with 2.8)

Tension deform looks cool ! Ultimately those are just high level tools but when you see what one can do with houdini… all these videos ? You can totally design that from scratch with a few nodes. That’s why the object nodes project is so important. An example : take original mesh, compare faces areas with those of end mesh (deformed and animated), use resulting attribute to drive displacement, there’s your tension deform.

Lose-lose proposition. They remove it, users complain they can no longer do what they used to. They leave it in, users complain about legacy content. At least with the latter there’s fewer complaints.

As far as Autodesk having the available resources to rewrite a Linux version… I think that’s an overestimation. At the very least, everything else would have to stop in the meantime, and I don’t think the current clients would be too happy about it (again, lose-lose).

Speaking of which, isn’t there something about “Versus”, “fanboy”, etc. threads here?

The functionality and the tools would still be there, just condensed.

Commercial software products often keep “all kinds of ‘cruft’” in them because paying(!) customers still want and need for them to be in there. There’s probably little if any commercial motivation for the vendor to create a version for other operating systems because, if one has based their work-flow around 3DS, one simply buys (or, leases …) the type of computer that it calls for.

You’re not using a computer “to run 3DS,” so to speak: you’re using it to “get sh*t done for your customers,” to their specification and by deadline.

you are about 6-8 years off

1988 – 3D Studio Prototype -msdos - released 1990 - that is 29 years old!

it is ancient and runs only on windows.
It’s a matter of time until ADSK axes it and starts merging the goods to maya.
They will not port it, just look at what happened to mudbox and softimage

but - classic 3D studio isn’t MAX, different program altogether. the earlier app ran on DOS and was leaning towards an auto-cad type workflow if memory serves. there was a big drive in the 90’s to open up these programs from being all pre-made solutions (3DS, classic softimage, poweranimator) to an emphasis on scripting and plugins and MAX was autodesk’s take on it.


No that is bullshit. Rumors of impending death of Max are strongly exaggerated paranoia based on false assumptions.
Max has a strong user-base in the industry. And no i am not talking about media i am talking about construction end engineering.
Max works well with Autodesk’s suite of industry tools and Maya doesn’t.
The user base of these tools is where Autodesk is making big money. Maya is just a small specialized prestige product compared to the rest.

Did you catch a glimpse of the modifier list in the videos, the menu is absolutely huge to the point where he has to scroll through it to find the one he wants.

It’s interesting that people don’t start complaining about how the menus are full of outdated tools (and as such becomes a chore to actually find the new stuff). If you have a file that you haven’t updated since the 90’s (yet you still need it), then you really need to consider it (especially if the replacement features can do everything better).

Though I guess that Autodesk has the resources to maintain that old cruft because they are a billion-dollar company, but I would think eventually you would just need to start getting rid of the oldest and least functional workflows that have long since had superior replacements.

“Did you catch a glimpse of the modifier list in the videos, the menu is absolutely huge to the point where he has to scroll through it to find the one he wants.”
Ace, in Max you could define button sets for the most used functions. As an example for archviz I used the 8-12 most used modifiers as buttons, speeding up access.

And that is exactly the problem. I do the exact same thing at the game studio I work at, but this is a solution that they had to come up with as the modifier list has gotten way out of hand when they made it. I mean when you have at least 3 different modifiers for subdivision surface smoothing and 5 modifiers for FFDs/lattices (FFD (box), FFD (cylinder), FFD 2x2x2, FFD 3x3x3, FFD 4x4x4) you need to start cleaning your house. I mean jesus christ if this isn’t the textbook definition of bloatware I don’t know what is.

  1. I agree about cleaning the house.
  2. I never had a problem with organizing modifiers for my workflow.
  3. Max deserves a better GUI, no doubt.

‘that they had to come up with as the modifier list has gotten way out of hand when they made it.’
If I remember correctly it worked this way since the start. But I agree, it was a very stupid implementation for accessing modifiers (the scroll down list)