3ds Max 2017.1

It is OT but when you are in high productivity environment, you relly need that separation of FFDs. Few months ago I’ve just had that situation on work when I’ve had to reinstall max (workstation switch) and the scene required hudge ammounts of ffd2x and ffd4x and cyl. Making presets for that kind of stuff would be tedious, also if you have artists that don’t code one more thing for so many ffdS. But yes there should be better and more organized UI. A smarter UI.

Someone mentioned about not complaining for the stuff that is lying around. Basically if you set up your workflow (eg menus and buttons) you will not feel or hear about rest of max-es options, they wont get in way.

Also did max+blend users try new enhanced menu for max? It is a big revamp.

Why not simply have one FFD modifier with variable number of divisions like in Blender ?

They have that, that’s the FFD (box). The problem is that this modifier doesn’t behave in the same way as the others (which forces me to use them instead), the default settings aren’t optimal (to me anyways) and the UI for it is just plain bad. They could’ve just had the settings for it directly in the modifer (instead of behind another click to open a separate dialog window) and/or had quick buttons for the 2^3, 3^3, or 4^3 in this modifier. This is indeed pretty offtopic though so I’m not going to push it too much, but it’s just so incredibly easy to find the problems with it at just a cursory glance (just look at the unwrapping workflow and the smoothing groups).

and for the love of god what detriments width height and length in ffd options, no one seems to know exactly.

Think i was working with Autocad 12 under DOS … ( i start to be old lol )

That last video with Tension Deform, Pyroevil made an addon couple of years ago that does that.