3DS Max 2020 new chamfer modifier "inset face" functionality

Check out ~0:43 in this video demo of the new chamfer modifier features:

Insetting the extra edge in a loop fixes virtually all normal/shading errors (that the Weighted Normals checkbox in 2.8’s Bevel modifier can’t). It also gives you a mesh that could be instantly subdivided for a nice error-free (and effort free) traditional sub-d mesh.

Blender’s Bevel modifier desperately needs this, unless this can be easily achieved in a way that I’m not thinking of. What do you think?

Making the bevel modifier insert a support loop instead of an inset would be better. Having it create an inset will result in undesired topology when subdividing it, while a support loop wouldn’t.

Max Chamfer mod has a ‘flow loop’ option within Inset that does this.

Oh, I see. I stand corrected. I didn’t notice that option yesterday, but that’s very useful. Thanks for letting me know, Dan!

All good, mate. Hard to spot unless you’ve used the modifier.:+1: