3ds max 5 free trial?

hey does anyone know where i can find the 3ds max 5 free tial iv tried 3ds max 6 but since im on 98 it doesnt work for me thanks Fudge

a) Don’t know.
b) Perhaps this should be posted under “off-topic Chat”. Doesn’t seem to have too much to do with Blender.


yeh i noticed that but when i posted was too late but if anyone else know please let me know



$5000,00 = BAD, FREE = GOOD.

If you’re so eager to spend money on a package i suggest you donate to the blender fund :smiley:

calm down, there are still things max can do but blender can’t… question is how long though :slight_smile:

since it is “other software…” it is not well placed…so…therefore moved…

i dont think you can download 3ds 5 at discreet

and besides who said you gotta pay for 3d max just get a cracked version 8)

i am not a traitor i would just like to see how it compares to blender and even if i i got with max instead of blender it would be for good reason becouse my best interest is to become a good cg artist and if it means converting hell yeh ill do it oh yeh and discrete only got 3ds max 6 and i need 5 for reasons mentioned above


Well, if you want to become a good, and possibly professional, CG artist you should know that Maya is starting to becoming the norm. Most people that I talk to that do CG use Maya. However, Maya costs more than 3D Studio Max, and you can download an almost fully functional version of Maya off their site. (Sorry, requires Win 2000). It includes a stupid watermark on your renderings with the learning edition.

Both 3DSMax and Maya have a huge learning curve. It’s hard to tell you which you’d prefer; you just have to try them both since they are very different programs. Once you learn a 3D program it’s a lot easier to pick up another. Blender has a very sucessful modeling interface that scored over Animation Master ($300) in every way. Blender would be easier to learn because the interface isn’t clunky, and is more powerful than an easy to learn program such as Animation Master (A:M is a very powerful program for it’s price range).

So, if you want to learn CG for free without doing anything illegal, get Blender or get the Maya Personal Learning Edition. It’s hard to compare Blender to programs like Maya and 3DSMax because Blender is not clunky, and it’s a very different beast altogether. If you want to learn I strongly recommend using Blender.

Also read this article. It’s a sucess story of the guy that did the previs for Spider-Man 2 using Blender, and how it helped him move on to other programs.

Because of what I had learned in Blender I was able to produce my first shot within one day of having to run LightWave for the first time. Within two weeks I felt completely confident in using LightWave. I credit this to (1.) having learned so much about basic and even advanced 3d from Blender, and (2.) some amazingly fundamental similarities in the two programs, even down to some similar keyboard shortcuts.

In addition, you really need to upgrade your operating system, especially if you intend to move on with CG programs.

It wouldn’t be worth it once the law gets to you though :expressionless:

well i would love to upgrade my system tho with a 12gb hd its really not possible yet but will probley upgrade in mid 2005 for now tho i would really like to get 3ds max 5 i think im gonna search the net for an illeagle full version of it becouse iv had no luck with finding a trial


Yo fudge,

Im on ur msn.
Hey i can run some tutorials through with u on CG if u want!

Hey Listen to the following about these programs:
If u wanna become a GOOD CG artist u must have a varity for example me

i have lightwave 8 which is compatible on windows 98, Why not try lightwave 8 instead of 3ds Max, lightwave 8 is a excellent program and is used in many commercial games like max payne, doom 3, halflife 2… and so on. Pretty much lightwave 8 is awsome! But maya is another good 3d program that is ok but not good for game models but more for CG effects. Then thers 3ds max 6 i got it not long ago but i sent it back cuz i hated how it didnt run on windows 98 so im currenty going to order 3dsMax 5 but my new computer im getting in 1 month has XP! so then ill upgrade to 3dsmax 6, But for now the best CG programs that i have USED, are
Blender 2.34 (Easy to use and great graphic power and good uv mapper)
Lightwave8 (professional quality but uv mapping is a hard!)
3dsMax ( good power good render ok UV mapping but a lil of a hog)
Maya ( good animation sequncer but a horrible layout)

Well i hoped this helps!
ttyl Fudge!

thanks ill try lightwave (have they got a trial?) i never knew your on my msn


oh are you matt?

yes i am

i’m not sure, but i think the Max 7 trial is out…

anyway, Discreet doesn’t keep old software versions out much…

and btw, Maya is cheaper than Max :stuck_out_tongue: or, at least the Complete Version.

Are you saying blenders modelling capabilities are superior to Animation masters, or that it’s all around a more powerfull package? I love blender but honestly, Animation Master Murders it when it comes to character animation. Well any kind of animation really, but specifically character animation. There is simply no competition.

Thats ok though, it really puts XSI/Maya/LW/Max to the test in that respect as well (and soundly beats them in many, many areas).

AM is something anyone interested in character animation on the cheap should think about. On certain days I wish I had gotten a copy of that instead of motionbuilder.

Just my 2 cents.


I wanted to get a Lightwave demo but I couldn’t find one. Anyone know if there is one and where I can find it? 8)

really?? i tried AM once and found it crappy - bad interface (looks like MS WORD with a 3D window), and i’ve heard that it crashed quite often… (ok i admit i tried it only short, and i didn’t like it at all. i’m sure it’s a powerful piece of software, but with zero “sex appeal”) however i tried motion-builder, too, and was amazed by the animation capabilities. it works like real puppets and behaves in a very intuitive way… well my two cents, too :slight_smile:

@tracer - i’m quite sure there is no LW demo. there never was one. maybe they’ll make one, as all the major players in the business have a trial/demo/free version (MAYA PLE, XSI EXP, 3dsmax 30-days-demo).

i don’t recommend LW. it also has a powerful feature set, but workflow is a pain in the a** sometimes. those guys still have two separate programs, one for modelling/texturing, one for animation, and this can really break your concentration. apart from that, even simple things like viewport navigation or object movement seem tedious once you’re used to blender. …but try it if you can, build up your own mind. it gotta have something, so many ppl out there use it…