3ds Max Biped equivalent?

Hey there just wondering if there is a animation tool equivalent to 3ds Max’s Biped, where you can make a character follow foot prints making it a faster process to animate a directed walk cycle?

Or do people just use a path?

Or could a walk be done in the game engine and then exported out as keyframes?

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever find out?

I’m trying to switch from 3DS MAX too. I use the Biped system, Morph Targets with Morpher to setup facial data blendshapes, and weight painting tools. What’s the equivalent in Blender? I haven’t tried blender for years but researching it right now.

I mainly want to Model/Rig/Animate game characters.

Use shape keys for morphing.
If you want to create character animations try to use Rigify. It has templates for biped and quadropeds. Very flexible and complex rigs.