3ds max convert to blender

i have a .max file i need converted to .obj or blender!!!
i can never upload files to this site ??? been tryin for about 6 months so i done with that but if someone can help me we can do it thru dropbox if you give me a email addy thanks in advance

You will need 3DS Max to convert a max file to another format. Download the free trial version from http://www.autodesk.com/products/autodesk-3ds-max/free-trial

Send me the file, I’ll export it to .obj for you :wink:

You will need 3DS Max to convert a max file
no you can use fbx converter, it from ad and free and can export to obj.

did u get my mess?

FBX Converter does not open .max format, it only open .obj, .dfx, .dae and .3ds format.

Do you mind converting a file to 3DS format for me? I can send it or here’s the link: http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/xjr-42032.html

Thank you!

Blender actually has a 3ds importer in it. You can use this, clean up the file and reexport it as an .obj or do it from 3ds directly as I’m pretty sure it has an obj exporter by default as well.