3ds Max gets a slap in the face

Read the comments below the 3ds Max 2020 presentation on YouTube. Ouch.

3D Studio Max used to be a 3D powerhouse in the late 1990s. I guess it already started to go downhill when they decided to call it 3ds Max.

Blender has got a bright future ahead of it, and I’m glad I switched to it years ago.


How do you know? These are just speculations.

Well, reading the many comments from 3ds Max, Maya, Modo and C4D users stating that they’re going to switch or already have switched to Blender 2.8 I guess it’s not a speculation that Blender is a rising star in the 3D world.

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I’ve used Maya for two years, currently on Blender. I can only say that for the price ($0) it’s fucking impressive piece of software.


I agree. I’ve been a long-time 3ds Max user since the mid-1990s, and switched to Blender not long after version 2.5 was released. I’ve never regretted that decision.


It would be nice if Blender could unwrap UVs on spline-cages the way 3DSMAX (and even gMAX) can, so I’m currently still using both for various reasons.

The biggest problem with MAX is that it has barely changed over the last 10 years (since Autodesk acquired it) and now is running this ridiculous subscription plan, it turned what Discreet worked hard on creating into a money-printing machine for them.


I have used 3DS Max in the past - and found the switch to Blender very easy after the 2.5 update landed (before 2.5 I had installed and uninstalled Blender several times - but couldn’t get on with the old interface).

I haven’t used anything but Blender ever since v2.5.


Same here! :+1:

Yes, Max has a number of great tools. I still miss the UVW Map and XForm modifiers sometimes, and the non-destructive primitive workflow.

Yes. And killing Softimage also wasn’t a popular move.

Speculations based on history, Blender has a track record of incremental improvements that are focused on not only quality of life for every day use, but raw feature sets as well, Autodesk has a well established track record of finding new and more creative ways to milk their consumers of their $$$.

Blender don’t have to be great, it just has to not be autodesk.


The only thing blender needs to be the top, is funding.


Yes and no, Blender has a good core team that is highly efficient. Autodesk employees tend to be no-so-efficient due to them trying to hold onto their jobs, I’ve heard stories about how toxic their workplaces is, as I am sure many of us have all heard a few, and unfortunately in those types of workplaces people will do just enough to not get fired.

So no…if I had to say, I would say blender needs to keep adding the right people, more than they need raw funding, I suspect if they find another right person that they will somehow find the funding.


Even with Autodesk’s latest pricing, it is only a drop in the bucket if you run a large studio like ILM and Weta (even though you might replace many of the tools with your own).

For individuals and small studios, Autodesk’s pricing is getting harder to justify with the amount of development they receive in return. Autodesk has no reason to even care about their smaller customers because the big ones produce much of their revenue.

Amid rising prices across the board in the DCC world, Blender may be just the thing to ensure a person can continue to do CG art (your only options otherwise is to either switch to digital painting or go to a low-tech medium like oil paint or wood).

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More and more indies, freelancers, etc. have been moving to Blender because the big commercial DCC suites increasingly only favor large corporate customers. They have been going that way for a long time, but the pricing and rental only schemes are getting worse.

Pretty funny comments on that vid though:

at least they didn’t add lootboxes


One me thing blender has that 3DS max will not do, is Linux. Blender supports and promotes open source software.


Exactly. And when they not use 3DMax its Maya.

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I wonder if Ton can pay for a banner ad that says “Feeling rejected as a smaller customer, introducing Blender 2.8 for the little people” on the community sites of the big DCC vendors? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was user (small studio,4 licenses) of 3ds Max from 3ds DOS to 3ds Max 2012.
From 1 year we are with Blender, and we use max only for the old archives.
Blender and the great big community is the best on the 3d horizon for sure.


I completely agree with everyone on the state of 3dsmax (and sketchup too got some slap in the face with the latest release) and I so much prefer blender over 3ds/skp but still it’s the favourite tool or combo of tools of archviz studios all over the world and will stay as long as there are still some things missing in blender.

Why? I work in archviz-only so what in my eyes is currently missing in blender for me is:

  • forestpack!!!
  • Railclone
  • good import options for SketchUp/revit or everything we receive from the clients or collaborators
  • layers from imported dwg, skp, revit,…
  • proper grouping (group something and select the whole group)
  • proxy/xref support for huge scenes
  • lots of extremely high quality assets available for 3dsmax
  • lots of great renderengines completely integrated
  • all the other archviz oriented tools

Just for forestpack and the integrated renderengines alone people in archviz will stick to 3dsmax. Don’t get me wrong I love blender and I know I will end up using only blender in a couple of years because it’s really progressing at a crazy pace but untill then archviz studios will stick to whatever tool get’s them to work the fastest and makes them work seamlessly with their clients. Blender for now is more oriented towards other industries then archviz and I know it’s just a matter of time but untill then autodesk will still sell their software to a shitload of archviz studios around the world that would be glad to switch to blender but they don’t as they need the tool that gets them to work seamlessly and the fastest (almost at whatever cost).

If you’re really using it for your job then time is expensive not the software.


I have switch a few months ago and so far the only thing i am missing from max are ; The splines tool, the modifier stack, the particle system, the UV tools, the handling of heavy scene in viewport and the graphite 3d object painting.

But for the rest i am quite happy to do my modeling without crashing every 10 min!

OH and i was forgetting easy selection of object in viewport since in 3ds max it is broken since that overlay stuff got included, even in 2018 it was still heavily bug and i was fighting to select object in viewport, i had to zoom in and out until the selection work and selecting a big bunch of objects left many behind.

Selecting was a nightmare and now what i select just work!