3DS Max gets vector textures

I guess it was just matter of time. I was hoping that an independent or open source project gets in with this feature first, but probably it doesn’t matter who breaks the ice, all will jump in sooner or later.

Soooo…how long will Blender wait? :slight_smile:

Euh are you kidding me, Blender as far that i know blender got vertex texture long time ago 2008 i think. You can already import svg for texture with this plugin ( old one)

Yes!!!, also animated vector map in video editor and 3D space.

libs: antigrain or cairographics

There is quite a difference between academic and production features. How would one use the plugins/libs listed with recent version of Blender and Cycles as render engine? Do they support PDF multipage input?

I think there is also this old plugin:
Svgtex plugin

Svgtex is a Blender plugin. It uses content of *.svg files as textures.

I think antigrain has SVG support and cairo has SVG and PDF support

The texture plugin feature has been gotten rid of though.

There was another http://www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3438, which seems to be more source-altering.

Ideally, you’d implement svg in such a way that it remains a collection on vector graphics till the last minute. Variations where it’s turned into raster graphics are pretty cool as well, but vector graphics main advantage is the way how you can retain minimal amounts of information while keeping high precision. So, vector graphics can be much lighter than rastergraphics in data size. And I think they’d be really useful for things like specular and roughness maps, or blending masks if you could keep them vector till the last minute.

Sure, it would put more work into the hands of the cpu or gpu, but at the same time it could really take away a lot of memory cost. Especially if you could get gradient maps supported.

Inbetween: vector graphics on gpu:

I must be blind :). Can’t find cairographics Blender plugin/addon anywhere. The svgtex plugin has compiled version only for windows32 and in the source there are quite a few limitations listed on other platforms (i’m on mac OSX). AGG is already used in Svgtex so I don’t see how I should use it directly.

Please look at the MAX demo above. Try to picture production scenarios in a small/medium studio and how would one use obsolete plugins and second party solutions for rush jobs. I only use tools that work, and I use Blender for the jobs that are covered by its (usable) features. Vector textures are not one of them (even though I would love them to be).

I started this thread because I need to produce a language learning book promo, lots of heavy pdf will be involved. As much as I would like to use Blender for this, I just may consider 3ds max as it may solve lots of challenges with vector texture feature alone.

Oh, it not that we’re saying use blender, we’re only pointing out it has been implemented in blender… a few times. And then dropped again. Which is I suspect is mostly because vector graphics seem to be one of those things which are so technical that it just doesn’t get much love from the majority of artists.

I’m actually surprised that it took so long for Autodesk products to implement vector textures, I mean, for texture masking alone they’d be a useful workflow tool.

Implemented or ‘implemented’ :slight_smile: its not the same. I hope it gets revisited though, maybe demand grows with users using it in Autodesk products now.

If you need to make a pdf, why can’t you use Scribus or something that is made for putting out print work? Or am I confused here? Do you mean that you want to make vector images for the pdf, or what? I thought this thread started out talking about textures for 3d objects that were vector instead of bitmap, just trying to understand the urgency.

No urgency (and of course I don’t expect anyone to implement vector textures in Blender for me :slight_smile: ), I will most likely use mip mapped image textures extracted from the PDF . It is somewhat limiting like that though, hence my happines about the 3ds max implementing vector textures as a ‘next-gen’ feature, and hope that vector texture feature spreads out to other 3d packages, and Blender of course.

vector textures are not especially advanced, I wouldn’t consider them ‘next-gen’, its just the tail end of useful features you could add to a 3D application.

Masks are basically vector textures (we could add a texture type for these quite easily), of course you may want color, gradients etc - in that case SVG and similar formats are more appropriate.

I would like to see in blender vector textures to generate 2D cartoon style, as in flah, Anime Studio and Synfig. The blender render engine and resources expansion (python and modularity) is far superior to these software packages, on the other hand would be a great tool to treat 2D drawings and 2D animatios in the video editor as in other packages such as AfterE.


Campbell, I know that vector textures aren’t ‘next-gen’ per se (hell they been in use much earlier than bitmaps in the 80-90s demo scene 3d demos), however there are many uses that haven’t been explored yet, since no mainstream application supported them until yet. My book animation project is one of such uses (think zooming into pages, etc.). Cartoon animation mapped is other. I agree compositor masks could be used if an evaluator (direct or indirect with a tile caching system) for texturing. Hey, that brings me to a question, how come Blender doesn’t support compositions as textures? Am I missing something there? As I see it you only need an output node that is a texture type in material. Is this tied into eval problems GSOC should have solved?

Also, just remembered. Vector textures would be good for displacement, decoupling detail resolution.

Anyways…SVG, EPS, PDF support would be more than welcome.

I already tried paint masks but solution is a bit primitive

I agree, maybe photorealistic 3D solutions were a 90’ goal when it was difficult to get them, now I think it’s interesting investigate other styles that had lost on the road to get photorealistic results.

hyperrealism vs freedom expression art …difficult balance in the 3D world

@ciriaco, for masks to be useful you would probably want to import files from elsewhere, and they aren’t full color either - for that, better shell out to an existing rasterizer.

I agree, it was only an experiment, I already bought Anime Studio Pro.
When Anime Studio was Moho was developed in java on antigrain lib but for serious and large work is slow and unpredictable. :frowning:

With some tricks Blender can do a cartoon style, but … vector textures tool in Blender would be a joy =:-)

I recall that there was an old vector texture patch for 2.4x many years ago, but it was never committed.

Anyway, any vector texture patch (for both loading into the app. and creating in the app.) would at least need to use a format that supports colors and gradients/softening (as the latter would make it useful for bump maps for example).