3DS MAX hotkeys inside Blender

I’m newbie in Blender, so I will try to set maximum of basics keys and combinations for Max users. I will post here my shortcut config with new fixes and short description.
U must choose “3DS MAX” navigation mode at starting Blender!!!
Here I fixed:

  • “deselect” objects and mesh (alt+select)
  • select all (ctrl+A),
  • invert selection (ctrl+I)
  • add select in mesh mode (ctrl+select)
  • add “wired” shortcut (F4)
  • add modeling shortcuts: loop (shift+click), ring (ctrl+shift+click), collapse (alt+ctrl+C)
  • add Q as “non-cursor” selecting mode

Ololodya_hotkeys_01.zip (14.5 KB)

-add F4 (wired mesh)

  • fix “ring” and “loop” in mesh mode (shift, ctrl+shift)
  • add “collapse” hotkey for modeling (alt+ctrl+C)


Ololodya_hotkeys.zip (14.4 KB)

reinventing the wheel??
check the presets dropdown.

Not really understood what do U mean…

There is already a 3Dsmax preset in Blender.

Yes… but NO! Many features are working wrong!

In Blender 2.80 you use BsMax add-on.
Hotkeys, instance draw primitive objects, Quadmenu and many tools from 3DsMax.

After Installing How to search the plugin in addons, what’s the in app name?