3ds Max Indie $250,- / coming August 7, 2020

Yes, it is. Its a long time standard because it’s the better software. All prestigious character animation stuff goes to Maya, because that’s just the way it is. For cinema, advertising, TV or CG animated shorts, Maya dominates the pipelines worldwide. Has been like this since around 2000. Thousands of movies and TV shows…
Compared to that Blender is still very much unproven. A couple of Movies and TV shows don’t really mean much compared to the usage of Maya in the media industry.
The big boys might consider a change if something better comes around - has been 20 years, nobody showed up.
The only one who has a chance is the magician.


Speak to people who write plugins for Maya, they complain plenty about the creaky old thing they are working with. At the same time they are aware that knowing how to navigate its pitfalls and patch the leaks makes them almost irreplaceable.

Since data management is crucial for anything that requires more than a handful of people it means that Maya ends up the default choice. Inevitably includes ‘prestigious’ projects at ‘big boys’.

Have you ever worked with Maya or Houdini’s init files in combination with scripts to set up things?
If so, I would love to see your thoughts on doing something similar in Blender.

I find the ways in Blender too fragmented atm.

No, sorry, I came to Blender after 15 or so years of Max. If Max had something like that I can’t remember ever using it.

Seems like Maya Indie is getting a “worldwide” release too in August.

you forgot add-ons

side note:
and what I miss in blender what maya has are the nurbs modeling tools
sub-d isnt everything not

I’m in. For me It’s a good deal because:
Archviz and Cad compatible.
A lot of options import/export and Better compatibility with other softwares.
Great ecosystem.
Max and Blender in my pack. What can go wrong?

Addons? Every software is dependent from addons, scripts, plugins, etc. Many Maya users say that Maya are toolbox rather than just software. Advanced users make his own stuff, big studios have people which make tools for specific tasks, no matter which software they use.
“Pipeline” which I mention are something different. Like I say, I do not understand this. This is something above my pay rang :smile:

I also think that the proprietary concept is no longer sustainable. The funding model of Blender will make the round (or similar). The best would be if the big ones would open up and use similar concepts. But most of them are probably too deadlocked for that.

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In fact Softimage was superior to Maya in modelling, rigging, animation… not to mention Ice. Yet, Autodestuct axe Softimage.
People too often forget that cost for switching to other software is enormous. Big studios have big libraries of plugins, scripts which are develop during years. They have experts which can write new tools for specific task very fast. Also this people can resolve many tech problems. Such people do not grown on tree, someone need years to reach this level. So even Blender is free per se, cost and risk for switch are to high in current moment. Do not forget that high ranked management in big companies have salary with 7-8 numbers, so 100+ Maya licences are not so big deal.
Also Maya and Max are the most common software on University. Young people which search for job mostly are common with Autodesk software. Anyway, Blender user base grow, Blender become more and more powerful and in one moment this will change ratio in industry.

Yeah, it was awesome, but i think Maya had the edge when it came to rig performance so many VFX houses in Hollywood dropped it in favour of Maya. And that was before ICE showed up if I remember correctly.
ILM for example switched to Maya between 2002 and 2005 when they did Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

Most studios like ILM switched from softimage**|3d** to maya, because XSI (named initially twister and later sumatra) didn’t materialize. (microsoft also sold softimage during the dev of XSI, and avid couldn’t continue to use the MS libraries, so a lot had to be rewritten, which delayed it by years). at the time XSI was released many shops already made the switch to Maya.

(XSI was still heaviliy unfinished and almost unusable until version 3.0 btw.) but after that, i’d say there wasn’t an area where maya excelled. quite a shame they EOLed it.

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This wasn’t what happened at all, yet people still perpetuate it to this day.

XSI was a dying program. It wasn’t profitable and Avid saw the writing on the wall. It was getting axed one way or the other. They saw their opportunity, took 35 million from Adesk, and Adesk pick the bones for tech(CAT in Max and now the current dev of the new Bifrost system in Max/Maya) Avid folded up the company straight after the sale.
This idea that Adesk bought it to kill it is simply not true at all.

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CAT was in Max long before Autodesk purchased XSI. And several Autodesk employees have stated that BiFrost is not based on XSI code. So, not sure where you’re getting your information from.


I use Softimage about… 15-20 min. :slightly_smiling_face: Seriously, all my knowledge and opinions come from people which use this software. So I have different information’s.
I write looooong response, but delete it. This is not time and place for discussion about Autodesk business politics. After all, all big companies are same. Bloated with bureaucracy, marketing, human resource and other useless overpaid ballast. With overpaid incompetent management which only want to please investors, without any connection with product or user base.

This is a very true structural assesment

The reason why we push blender is because we try not to teach towards animation for movies but more generating 3D content for other markets.

This is like when Adobe bought Macromedia and killed Freehand.
Suddenly Illustrator got better tools after Freehand was gone.

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One guy, “Industry veteran” once write looooong article about “Buy to Kill”. It’s unbelievable. List is very long. Honesty I never hear about many of this software. Some stuff are very spicy. For example Apple buy and dump some 2D software which are in his time most advanced software of his kind… In this time Photoshop do not have even layers, he says. Also this software had some kind of “infinite canvas”, stuff which no one of us “young” can understand in this time. This soft. was too much ahead of his time.
Many years latter Mischief appear with his resolution independent canvas. ( and couple years latter are canceled by Foundry ).
Maya owe most of his @#XX&!!! because are Frankenstein, old software in which are slapped features from other software… for example hypershade, which is poor implementation, “stolen” from other software.
Sometime companies buy software just to kill competition ( desaturate market :wink: ), sometime are interested in some tech… and sometime just buy, and latter dump because they do not had clear plans in beginning.

Whats going on here in your post? I am lost :wink:

My broken Engrish probably :roll_eyes: