3DS MAX or Blender

I just found this CD with 3DS MAX 7 on it… I installed it and tried it out, after hearing good things about it (I was pretty excited too… Because I also heard it costs a lot of money!) And I figured it must be good. It renders better than Blender, but I don’t really like it as much. Its more confusing, and everything seems to take longer. Should I forget about blender and use 3DS MAX for work stuff (like school work, making a game if I ever get to, etc) and blender as just a hobby? The trouble is, 3DS MAX seems to just be a drawing/animation tool… There’s no game engine like blender, so I’d have to import the meshes to Blender and then use the game engine to make a game. Can I do that? Will I face any problems, or would that be straight forward? And will Blenders game engine be good enough to make any PC commercial games any time soon? Or do I have to learn C++ and Ogre 3D? (Not saying I want to make commercial games now, or that I have the skills now… But its just a dream that will hopefully come true in the hopefully not TOO distant future)

You just randomly found a 3DS Max CD lying about? How’d that happen?

Not sure… I just… Had it.

personly and this is just my opinion. But I would stick with blender for a number of reasons. Probably the bigest would be that your already familiar with Blender. Thats a big thing, because it dosn’t matter how powerful the tool is if you don’t know how to use it. Also the only big difference between the two is the UI and the better rendering. If your going to use it for how you said you were then you would only be using the 3DS to make and texture game models. And I think Blender is more then capable to do that. Plus your already familiar with blender, blender is just as good as 3DS besides the rendering, and you don’t have to import your work. If you want the better renderer in 3DS then why don’t you use blender to make the model using blender’s renderer as a preview render to get things right, then export to 3DS to do a final render.

In more easy to understand layout.
3DS Max:

  1. Better renderer
  2. recognized name


  1. not best but still awesome renderer
  2. Best GUI ever!
  3. You already know how to use it
  4. Modeling and texturing just as good but most likely better then 3DS
  5. Much faster for you, meaning more streamlined workflow
  6. it’s got a game engine bult in, as well as a node compositer and video editor
  7. Great open souce comunity you know and love to mentor and help you
  8. You don’t have to import you 3DS model and risk it screwing up

I think it’s kinda one sided isn’t it, but this is just my opinion

Pointless thread, I suggest deletion.

Oh, no, not again this…
C’mon, go, take your Max, Maya, C4D, Houdini, Softimage, … & advertise it somewhere else.

I don’t think it’s pointless at all, he had a question that he really needed answered. I don’t think it’s pointless to Kiah, I’m sure he would really like to get an answere for this and not have it deleted. Also he is not advertising, he has a problem that he would like our opinions on, thats it. it’s a legitimate question that I would think is very understandable. I went through the same thing when I got maya. I asked basicly the same question and was answered, and now I’m still using blender.

Pointless and captious question.

If this guy had bought MAX, it is quite evident that he would not ask here whether to use MAX or not.

Besides, this question has been debated here several times.

My suggestion, use and enjoy your free MAX all the way.
Blender is free as well, but probably not as good as MAX. Well… not probably but certainly.


I would use both.

If 3DS max has a better renderer then use it, but if your more comfortable using Blender as the modeller then use Blender and import to 3DS.

Dont use specifically one, use the package that best suits your needs at that time and if both are needed then use both.

Ok, here’s your options:

Use Max.
Use Blender.
Use both or don’t use them.

Lock this stupid thread!!

What’s with the censorship? I used 3DS Max before I descovered Blender . . . the renderer is a bit better, but the only thing I really miss is the camera-tracker.

What’s with the censorship?

Nobody is censoring nothing.

Or Kiah is unable to detect that Blender is, among other things, aimed for people using pirated copies of software they can’t afford, like him.

Or he is making a captious question.

PD: this thread would have been locked in other forums from the third message on.

I have a copy of 3d Max 8 and an older version from last year laying around, sealed box haven’t opened it yet (Autodesk supports a club I’m part of and we get free latest software to play around with). The only reason I’m not using it is because it took me almost a year to master blender, I don’t have time to learn a new tool which is basically the same dang thing.

I think the real question falls to, what does 3d max have that blender doesn’t that it would be worth spending the next year learning? Do you have the time?

If it’s rendering, I heard that blender is getting a makeover soon… By the time you master 3d max, blender will be better in that field, and you will be running back crying like a little baby. (and spending another year trying to catch up to all the new development) :smiley:

BUT then again if you are a noob… and magically got 3d max and can’t really afford a upgrade in the future, by the time you learn the current version technology will skyrocket and blender will be in the likes of 3d max 10, and you’ll end up selling drugs (maybe that is too extreme) or pirating a copy and freaking out going public (as I said technology will skyrocket and big brother will be watching you) and you’re all OH MY GOSH, I think I should jump off a bridge or something… suicide…

ahhh… anyways, just stick with blender :smiley:

Thats a little extreme, why not just move it to chit chat. I think the thread brings up a few good questions, like: “Is it worth dedicating your life to a software you will never afford?”

I just found this CD with 3DS MAX 7

I was pretty excited too… Because I also heard it costs a lot of money

3DS MAX for work stuff, like school work

It renders better than Blender

OK. Many people think that the debate is on using Blender or/and MAX. I don’t think so.

This guy is seriously misinformed.
Besides, he misses the whole point of Blender.
This is the debate IMO.


Heh, Ok, then change the Title of this thread and put some more funny: “Dedicating Life to a Unaffordable Software for You”

& start a new lie story behind a new thread:

My uncle Rockenfeller leaved me all his belongings because I didn’t work in my entire life for a single day. I think this was his bright idea! I have finally some will to work, so I buyed all 3D software available with all plugins. 3D Art was always my great love, greatest!! I know that you can’t do good 3D art without good supportive video hardware & software, that’s why I buyed all video and also audio equipment! All this is fun, but now I have a challenge & that’s why I wrote this thread.

After buying 3D lessons on ILM, 3D Uber Gurus sended me here to find support for learning Blender 3D.

Tomorrow I will start to learn Blender, Softimage, Maya, Houdini, Cinema 4D, & Max 3D.

Any suggestion is more than wellcome! Thank you!

<i>P.s.: Money is not a problem!</i>

ah he’ll learn, I used max for years and now I switch to blender and have gotten further with it in one year than the three years I used max, only difference is at startup you’ll get arround max a bit faster, while blender requirres bit getting used to modelling is faster the new animation stuff is nice “don’t even miss cstudio anymore”. To be abolutely honest I kept abreast of blender and when 2.37 came switched modelling and then animation with 2.4, uv mapping I still dont understand in blender and texture baking never done successfully in blender, so in reality max is a big expensive uvmapper/model converter(aren’t that many top quality game model blends about or I dont know where to look)/texture renderer.

3D Max is the devil

Sorry, but we have endless comparissons of other 3D software and Blender, and we aren’t allowing talking about piracy here, and then we also have a forum called “Other Software” , but keep in mind not to talk about piracying software!!