3ds max presets

Hello everybody, been using 3ds max for a bit, wanted to try blender out. I saw that it came with a 3ds max mouse and keyboard presets. The mouse works decently fine, but the keys are really wonky.
I cant seem to find a couple of things:

  1. How do i unselect vertices from a highlighted selection of vertices ? And I dont mean them individually, you can ctrl left click them, but rather using a selection lasso/loop.
  2. How do i select a loop/ring of vertices and edges ?

Also does blender have a general commands quickey ? For 3ds its mouse rightclick and alt mouserightclick, and I think maya was spacebar ?

Thank you for reading

Hey Clownguy,

For unselecting verticies, try holding SHIFT and CNTR and select with your right mouse button.

For selecting edge loops (not sure about rings), try ALT plus SHIFT and the left mouse button.

I dont recall if Blender has a general commands thingee. I use to use Maya so I know what you’re talking about. I just either use the left side bar or SHIFT A when I want to create something. I hope this helps.