3ds max to blender to second life (updated with more information) Please help

Ok so I generally work in 3ds max so Blender is a bit new to me.
I took on some easy freelance work to make assets for secondlife- or so I thought. Turns out getting models into secondlife all textured and stuff is actually harder than the few hours it took me to create them.
So blender is apparently my best bet to get them all shiney and textured into secondlife as it has a presetting for it when you export as a DAE file.
Right so I export my model from 3ds max as an fbx file into blender- no problem so far.
Then I notice that all my textures are still applied when I show paint textures. But getting that to export seems to be impossible. Is there something I’m not doing that will get it from this stage to the stage I’m looking for?

Please help! As I say something that was just meant to be some nice work to do on the side has become so stressful!

People are going to need something to work with. Maybe check the tutorial linked in my signature.

Ok so these are some seats that I have built in 3ds max and bought into blender.
I bought them over as an fbx and in this setting in blender I can see my texture attached nicely.
I go to export this for second life in collada to make it a DAE. and click the presetting for second life.

I am VERY new at blender so please help me as I don’t know why my texture is appearing on my model here but not exporting.

Thank you.

seats blender.blend (1.12 MB)

Attached Blender file ^^^^

You have not included any textures with your .blend file.

To ensure the texture links are correct you can:

  1. Pack textures in the blend file (File / External Data menu)
  2. Save your blend file
  3. Unpack all external data which will create a textures folder (File / External Data menu)
  4. Save your blend file
  5. Export to whatever format

For compatibility ensure no texture name has spaces and keep name as short as neccessary