3DS max tutorial for someone who knows 3D?

as the title says I need to find a tutorial on it for someone who knows their way around blender and who understands the basics of 3D know any good ones? I downloaded the trial of the of it today and was looking to fool around with it.

you can also download the “help” and “tutorial” files from Autodesk. Once you install them, they are available from the help menu, well put together and should equip you with the basics and then some.

I know about them it’s the fact that all learning MAX tuts are aimed at people who can’t 3D model. (who would spend $600 to learn to model?)

Nothing would teach you more than what you learn yourself in real job work :wink:

And long time since I don’t lok at tutorials, but a first raw look to some places of my times… (btw; ALERT, old outdated Max versions…Max is now much better…So, cleverer aproaches than this… .I could write tutorials, if time was a different dimension…most of these are way way too basic…Not that arent valid, surely can be done with any max today, just now you can model almost interface-less (biggest critic to Max…apart from pure hat* …)) :

probably the most up-to-date stuff:

and then…





http://www.maxunderground.com/tutorials.html (hey, they have blender in the news, they keep updated…)


And, of course :

Curious, is the opposite route I took…max–>blender…(for personal projects,small companies not wanting to buy 3D software,e tc )

I guess ur in a job and need it…
Ok, thing is you will end needing no tutorial, but still, cgtalk is place where many pros hang around, and leave (very deep ones, not in any book you’d find) tips from time to time…Do use the search function, I found a tricky solution to a cstudio horrid bug there…put by some pro, and I was with a very tight milestone…And was not the only time…Nice thing is at those situations, it gets written in ur brain for ever…

Actually I am still a student just testing MAX out.(don’t wanna waste 30 days doing nothing)

you might be surprised!