3ds max vray material export to blender script

I want to export my 3ds max vray models to blender. So i try bmax and maxtoblender addons. Problem is they cant export material correctly. I want to write my own script. Workflow is simple when you make manualy. Vray bump = blender bump, specular = reflection etc. How can i do this with script. Where should i start any advice?


I did post some advice in the forum sub-category “Materials and Textures” and the thread name “V-ray 3Ds max to Cycles”.

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Max-To-Blender I don’t know, but the other way is done like this. I remembered having answered that a while ago. Not exactly that is the perfect solution but only just to get the ball rolling.

import bpy

def get_materials():
    # a list of dictionaries
    matlist = []
    # iterating all of the materials
    for mat in  bpy.data.materials:    
        # get the bsdf node
        bsdf = None
        if mat.node_tree != None: # should have node tree
            for n in mat.node_tree.nodes.keys(): # searching all nodes
                node = mat.node_tree.nodes[n]
                if node.type == 'BSDF_PRINCIPLED': # node type should be bdsf
                    bsdf = node # setting the node
                    break # exit node tree
        # bsdf not found, skipping
        if bsdf == None:
        # dictionary
        d = {} # create a dictionary
        d["name"] = mat.name # set material name

        # get roughness socket
        roughness = bsdf.inputs.get("Roughness")

        # ensure input node is an image
        if len(roughness.links) == 1 and roughness.links[0].from_node.type == 'TEX_IMAGE':
            d["roughness"] = roughness.links[0].from_node.image.filepath
            d["roughness"] = roughness.default_value

        # list
        matlist.append(d) # appending to list
    # return
    return matlist

m = get_materials()