3ds model too large to load?

I’m new to blender and have only had a wee bit of 3d experience using old versions of 3d Studio. I’m running the latest version (2.48?) of blender on OS X 10.5.5. I am trying to import a .3ds model file that someone sent me that is 48Mb. Every time I try to import it, i just get the spinning rainbow pinwheel and ultimately I have to force quit the app.

I have had success downloading and importing other .3ds models I’ve found online. However, I notice that all the files I’ve downloaded so far are much smaller. I think the largest file I’ve found was about 2Mb.

Does this make sense or has anyone run into a similar issue?

If it’s that large, then yes, it would make a lot of sense that it takes some time for Blender to be able to read the file… I’m not certain whether or not there is conversion involved, but I would think so (the import is a script which probably goes through and remaps everything).

How about leaving it to open overnight?

I’ll give that a whirl. Thanks!