3ds model with collision

hi, i am a new blender user and am tracking tutorials on blender,
i have a .3ds model imported into blender and i think it also has a collision for it,
basically the model is barely visible because of a box shaped object around it,

this model is from the internet, i was wondering if anyone knows a good tutorial on selecting between the collision object and the model itself so i can apply textures to the model,
i don’t want to delete the collision either,
i’m pretty sure i can find a tutorial on the texturing part, its just the collision that i can’t figure out,
any help would greatly be appreciated

If i understand you correctly, you just have to set the collision object to display only as a wireframe. You can do that in the “object” tab (that little box-icon) under “Display” simply by setting the type to wire.

ok that works, thanks,
one other question,
does it matter when i go to save the final .3ds file whether the object drawtype is set to wire or solid?

it’s just a display setting. i’m not sure what .3ds does with that, though: would save as a .blend.