3DS Nodes

What are “nodes” in 3DS and why does Blender’s 3ds exporter not do them correctly?

Is there a way to correct this?

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Blender has nodes, material nodes and compositing nodes. see the user manual for info on each of them.

i think you are asking about the conversion between blender nodes and the 3ds node system using the python exporter. In that case, this forum is correct.

I have a tool that converts 3ds files to kex files. The kex files are used ad models for a program called RealFlight.

The current path is to design in blender and export to 3ds. Then you open the file with 3DS (expensive) or Deep Exploration (free demo does what I need) and finish the editing and linking of parts.

I really would like to avoid using DE to finish off the files. But the converter complains about blender’s 3ds file having no nodes.

note (nodes in 3ds work are not blender nodes)
Sombody added support but it crashed 3ds’s importer. and since 3ds imports data without it. I commented out nodes support.

I also have no way to validate if it works of find out why it dosnt - since I cant debug 3ds. - you can uncomment nodes support and test. but since 3ds can import data without nodes. you could see if the guys on the importer end would support it too.