3Dscan and 3D builder if you have a Kinnect and windows 10

This might be a nice tip, if you happen to have an xbox and a kinect.
Apparently ‘Microsoft research’, is into 3D printing, and thus released 2 apps.
3Dscan and 3D builder to scan and print 3d models
And if you dont have a 3d Printer, no worry the 3Dbuilder can work with local printers, but also with online 3d print services.

it understands stl obj ply and a few more.

i dont think this is some real new news, by accident i discovered i had “3D builder” on my system (start menu run type 3d) not sure if this was part of a update last week or if i had installed but dont think i saw this one ever before.
so possibly its a nice candy of MS Redmond.

Interesting, anyone tried this? I understand this will not break any new barriers in accuracy, but if it’s good enough for quick & dirty scanning it could be useful in certain situations. Basically - should I get a Kinect?

It’s really basic, kinda crapy actually, comes with Kinect one sdk, but its fun to play with!

I haven’t found a way to save in anything useful, maybe someone else has?

at work i used a kinnect as i wrote robotic-vision software, from all 3d cammera’s it offers most for the bucks. (high res depth).
Be aware there are 2 kinnect versions, you need the latest with USB3 (the later kinect requires USB3)

Ofcourse it depends what you want to scan, i scanned my face it was fun.
The details are roughly 2~3 mm i think, but the software that creates the model my be a bit more rough, since 2~3 mm is the acuracy of plain sight (without moving camera), but yes you could scan hands, small sculptures etc.