3dshmeeshy render dumps

hi everyone. we would like to present our current renders done in max vray but whose modeling uv mapping ant texturing was done in Blender 2.56 and gimp. This first one is from an interior magazine and we tried to copy and ended up with this. this is far from the picture we tried to copy. realistic renders is still quite difficult for now but each time we try we hope to get better. :slight_smile:


and heres another product render. this is the samsung J750


and more render stills


Some great modelling, there! Where do you get your textures from?

These are some great renders. I love the way you combined the two renders. One thing that i noticed, dont know if its sappose to be there or not, but about 3mm down the front facing phone on the right there is a dent than on the left about another 2mm down there is another one. Other than that great job.

EDIT: forgot to say which phone…

Impressive work …

thanks you guys :slight_smile: . i forgot to mention that these works are group effort namely, jong2, tweaker, ryanea81, and aasm271. we decided to create an account to house all our work .
. heres an old work of one of our members of the 3dshmeeshy team, namely aasm271. he resculpted it and change some shaders.


and more renders. this is blender internal and comp. :slight_smile:


Thats a pretty good image, but guys that are that cut would normaly have a better deffined lower chest and better deffined lats. Other wise I love the proportions considering most guys that get that big never do work their legs and only focuse on upper body.

Sweep the leg, Johnny! Nice modeling!

great stuff :slight_smile:

these are great renders. Well done!

thanks guys. heres another render from ryanea81. its ironman. modeled in blender 2.49 and rendered in keyshot


and heres the full body


you’re good…

thank you sir. finally we have a rendered version of ironman mark 1 surface check:

heres the link of the animation (rendered in blender):

and some renders:


Holy sweet mother of god that’s awesome

Hi, the interior scene looks nicely modeled and textured. Did you take it to max completely or used a Vray plugin for Blender? I know there was one in the works some time ago but thought it’s not ready yet for Blender 2.5. I just wondered if you tried rendering with Blender, as you already have made all the effort in Blender. You can achieve this level of result easily in Blender internal and even more if you persist, without the trouble to export to a different software.

here are a couple of new ones we did. modeled in blender and rendered in 3ds max vray :slight_smile:


heres a test we did to make a pop up book in blender.