3DsMAX Border select equivalent in Blender?

I’m really missing a functionality from 3DsMAX, and it drives me $%^&*() INSANE.

Namely the ability to drag select single looped non-manifold edge. In MAX this is called Border Selection and if I remember correctly is considered a different mesh property next to vertices, edges and faces.
The tool works in a way that if you are in Border Select you can box select any part of the mesh and any non-manifold and open mesh border will be selected entirely.

Sadly Blender don’t have this, but instead you need to rely on bunch of tools that are not very well suited for manual work.

Selecting non-manifold edges gives you the result on entire mesh, so you need deselect parts that you don’t need. You need to click A LOT.

Alt+Shift+Select don’t work for non-manifold edges with non quad geometry. This selects only part of the non-manifold loop, so you need to click A LOT.

Is there any way to do that in Blender?

Try @Amandeep’s N-Gon Select…from free script Sundays

Bought it. Doesn’t work unfortunately. This addon is primarily for loop selection not non-manifold / mesh boundary loops.

The addon does work for the case shown in the video you shared.
Is there any specific case that you tried and it didn’t work?

Hi @Amandeep, thanks for your work.

Yes, non manifold loop selection does not work when N-Gons are near the mesh boundaries. An example:

In this case selecting the hole in the mesh is impossible in one go. I thought that the problem could be only related to n-gons, and vertices with two edges only. But it seems more related to angle between selected edge and next potential segment. In the effect the loop is broken and selection does not go all the way.

You can increase the edge threshold in the bottom left panel and it should work.