[3dsmax noise modifier] does blender have this ?

(jeotero) #1

If any of you have ever worked with max, I’m looking for a way in blender to create NOISE in the mesh in the same chaotic way max does it.

Any ideas ?

I know about applying a material and make this the source of your noise but that doesnt solve my problem.

If anybody has worked/has max maybe you can answer.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(marf) #2

press tad then a to select the whole mesh then in the edit options menu{where subdivide and all are} pick fract subd.

i know its not exactly what your looking for but in some way it might help

(S68) #3

And if you added a noisy texture to the mesh, as NOR, then pressing the ‘Noise’ button in the mesh editing options(in mesh edit mode) converts that texture to actual displacement (Not that good, sadly)


(jeotero) #4

fract subd, thats the one, not a lot to control BUT CLOSE, thanks marf

S68 never try yours, but still appreciate the answer :slight_smile: