3DSmax to Blender issues

Just wondering if anyone else runs into the problem of scene’s being blown apart when 3ds files from max are opened in blender. It seems like blender isn’t reading the position data right. Some files end up placing random objects all at 0,0,0 while others move them to random points in the scene. I’ve been playing around with the scene files and am not sure what causes this to happen. It kind of seems like it deals with groups when doing this but i’m not totally positive. If anyone has run into this before i’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Is there a check box i’m missing either on export or import.

.3ds wouldn’t be my first choice to get data into Blender. Try .obj or .dae instead.

You probably need to collapse the modifier stack in max and run Reset XForm prior to export.

That said, I would avoid 3DS as a transfer format much as I would avoid kissing a plague victim. :stuck_out_tongue: