3dsmax to blender

I have a counter-strike 1.6 map in an .fbx format (with external textures in bmp format). ive been trying despretly to get a working version of the map (with textures) exporting from 3ds max to blender.

unfortunately .obj will only export model with no textures, which comes in as a singular object so i can reasign them. 3ds takes about 2 hours to finish importing, and then shows an invisible object.

all i need to do is get a model with the textures from blender to 3ds max, i dont really care how its down. if anyone here could help it would be greatly apretiated :slight_smile:

Try exporting a LWO.

Also, if you have Poser, try importing the 3DSMax outputted OBJ into Poser. Poser can often read the MTL file that Blender seems to ignore most of the time. If you do succeed in getting the OBJ into Poser export it as a Collada file (POser Pro only feature), then export it as an OBJ again. Yes, that’s right export it twice, into the same folder. Then import the OBJ into Blender and it will find the maps.