3DSMax Users and Ha!

I was browsing cgTalk a while ago and ran across this article.


If you don’t want to click and go, it’s basically all of the users gushing about a stunning new technique and script for realistic rendering in 3DSMax, comparing it to Brazil solutions, etc. What is the technique? The dupliverted GI sphere (with minor modifications).

I just find it funny that so many people over here (BlenderWorld tm) are looking for ways to ship their stuff out to a more high-end renderer. We want this feature! And that one! And the people over there who have access to selective raytracing, Mental Ray, all kinds of tightly integrated rendering solutions seem quite jazzed about implementing a “trick” technique such as this, and keeping things in scanline.

I guess the grass is always greener. Unless of course you hit it with a red spot light.

yeah, i saw this thread and thought: “hmm… that really remembers me of… fake GI in blender?”
tho max’ renderer is a bit better than blender’s i have to agree with harkyman, pretty funny…
ok, i gotta go back to my YafRAY renders now :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHA! Yeah, I saw this thread as well. As long as the new versions of blender can integrate some better AA and some raytracing for reflections, then I will be more than happy.

As for external renderers, YafRay seems to be the one to be looking like it will be best integrated with Blender. The renders I have seen are just fantastic.


Yeah, Yafray’s really good. Maybe once it gets up to a 1.0 release and kind of stabilizes it’s feature set/texturing capabilities, it’ll be really usefull. Right now, you can’t get the almost instant testing feedback you can with Blender’s renderer, and therefore can’t tweak textures, lighting, etc. quite as well, which you need to do to get a really polished finished product. When Yafray stabilizes and Yable can crunch up a blend file textures, lights and all, then it’ll be more than just a toy for me.

Better AA and optional raytraced reflection/refraction in Blender is all I need to do excellent animations. Actually, for anim speed you’re better off faking that stuff like I do, but sometimes people need that raytraced look.

I agree with you and add to the list raytraced shadows.
It’s a must in some cases.

another for the list: shadowmap shadows that take transpearancy into account. might work well for faked hair.

That’s an important feature. I’ve seen this called “deep shadow maps” in some other scanliner… don’t remember which one it was. Anyways, if it’s an open or well-documented technology, maybe some code monkey could hammer it into the source… [hope hope]

I would also like to have omni shadows in blender to fake GI!

As I have already said before, displacement mapping would be cool… not just bumps :wink:


Stefano, I thought Blender already does this? Noise functions on sub-divided meshes in Edit mode.

I don’t know if Max 5 does this already, but versions R3 and previous don’t.


Stefano, I thought Blender already does this? Noise functions on sub-divided meshes in Edit mode.
Far from it, that works just in one dimension.

Z dimension? I’m a little puzzled as to what you mean exactly. But maybe it’s because I’ve not experienced proper displacement mapping.

Can you give an example?


I think displacement we are talking about here is when your mesh (such as sub-d’s) perform the actual deformations according to the displacement map applied to it. Hence producing something similar to bumpmapping, but more acurate specially along the contures or edges of a model. Good for highly detailed images and closeups.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but blender, it seems, only does this in planar maps. Good for landscapes, but won’t work for objects that have a more complex mapping applied.

Is anyone working on a displacement plugin to work with uv mapping?