3dtotal Challenge

I thought I would post these images of a challenge I’m atempting on threedy’s forums
(this is’nt my concept)











That contest seems intresting so I will try that too. But I go for the lowpoly contest.

Looks good so far qwed88!

Altho I kind of think it would look better with a shorter snout, just my opinion tho. Looks great as is too, so its not a problem.

Keep it up

Have not had much time to work on this but he’s a little update, I’ve been trying to fix the back and neck and get the muscles a little more correct




Here’s some more updates




Heres a quick turnaround of the character, I’m planning on redoing the hands they are terrible
Click here to watch Hybrid24

I don’t think his nipples need to be so pointy, and his pecktoral muscles are a little to bulgy to the outside, almost look like man breasts. Overall though this is a great model, can’t wait to see more!

Thanks for the comments

here is the concept that was drawn for the challenge (not by me)



Ok I’m having a problem, maybe someone can help me.
I applied a material to my hybrid creature, and this is what happened


I’m guessing when I joined two meshes one had a material already applied, how can I get the entire mesh to be on the same material?

Just delete the old material.

This is the button I’m hitting


I’m not sure deleting the old material will do it. What happened was when you added two meshes it created two material groups. You will need to go into edit mode and select the Editing buttons (F9). You will see one of your material names over a few boxes. select all the vertices you want to have a certain material, and then use the left and right arrows in the material group options to select the correct material group. The box with the arrows will say “1 Mat 1” or something along those lines. When you find the right group with the right material simply hit “assign.”

You can also delete the group that you don’t want, but I figured this way would be easier.

And see if I select the grey part of the mesh and seperate it from the rest of the body, it still has the same material linked to it, the green one, but yet it’s grey?


:expressionless: Thats what I ment…

Anyway, this is the button you should be pressing:


I got it, thanks to both of you!, (I learn something new everyday)

I had modeled some hands but they were pretty sad, so I’ve distroyed them to keep from embarrising myself

I still have a lot of work to do, I think I’ll go more from the original concept sketch and leave the orthos alone, I’m thinking the forearms in the orthos are shorter than in the concept and it’s making him look funny so I’m going to work on them some more the arm chest connection still needs some help




The shape of the mouth is too flat, their needs to be more curvature there.

I’ve redone the hands, I hope their a little better
I tried to round the mouth a little, it still has issues though




I will be redoing the head, I don’t think it that good and would like it to match up better with the body, so here is the start of the new head




I’m posting this over on the threedy forums too, I’ve already gotten one antiblender comment, I hate it when people do this

I’ve got it kinda roughed out, now I will reorginize some of the lines so they flow better and start adding details