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(3pointEdit) #201

Some new hair experiments…


(3pointEdit) #202

More crazy hair particles.


(3pointEdit) #203

Hair stops here… or does it?

the upside down…

(3pointEdit) #204

Couldn’t help myself… more hair.


These were all from the same project file, but with different images as the source. The orangeone is shot from inside the volume with shallow DOF and a 5mm lens!

(3pointEdit) #205

Animated Time Tunnel effect

Download the .blend here

(Addidi) #206

it’s so fun!

(3pointEdit) #207

I made a simple but fun kaleidoscope generator that you can play with. Grab it from here.

kaleidoscope 3.jp2 (538.1 KB)

(3pointEdit) #208

(3pointEdit) #209

Weird Wired biology

(rombout) #211

Looks cool! thanks for adding the files, we can learn a lot from these.

I guess adding some displacement map or motion to this would be really sweet

(rombout) #212

I would love to see this blend file. I noticed you dont share these like you did in the beginning. I hoped this one was at your YT channel but i didnt see it.

looks very sweet

(rombout) #213

I think you will find this guy awesome as well. https://www.instagram.com/mantissa.xyz/
Check out his YT channel he also shows how he does things as does he provide blend files.

Midge Sinnaeve makes video’s and small anims and does real scene sorcery!

(rombout) #214

How do you warp the hair to the camera and place the image on it ?

looks sweet

(3pointEdit) #215

Because you asked so nicely,here you go. Although I don’t have the same image attached the principle is all the same.

(3pointEdit) #216

Yeah Midge is great, and his tutorials on the blender Cloud are amazing!

(3pointEdit) #217

The image is flat projection onto the plane, it extends away from the plane. The hair is emitted from the plane. The hair is rendered with an emission volumetric material that uses the same texture/mapping and is projected THROUGH the hair, like a torch. If you mix the volumetric with a regular emission surface you get a sense of direction from the hair.

(rombout) #218

But how did you get it to warp to the camera, i think i wasnt vrey clear in that part.

(3pointEdit) #219

Oh ummm, let me see… I think that I parented a force field to the camera (check out the Outliner view)? With a negative value that attracted the hair. Changing the fall off allows you to retain the other force fields influence, like noise etc.

(rombout) #220

I guess you dont have this file right :slight_smile:

i guess something like this right?

(rombout) #221

Ai sorry, i totally missed your comment with the link :slight_smile:
thanks again !!!