3rd Concept Car

Hey guys! I have begun work on my next car in Blender for a competition at my school. It will be a hypercar with a bunch of cool features like magneride suspension that somehow in a cool way predicts road surface irregularities and a fan for extra downforce like the Chaparral 2J has and whatever else I or maybe you guys think of. But enough chit chat.


I just had to do the exhaust. :grin:


Quick update, got the hood guidemesh pretty much done.

Some more progress. It’s coming along very slowly right now, so I’m trying to pick up the pace. The front guide mesh is pretty satisfactory now, and I’m working on the side. The wheel well is cut out with a boolean.

I got some more time to work on the car. The side had some difficult detailing to do.

Some more progress screenshots.

Added the side detail using the data transfer modifier for custom normals.

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Seems kinda compact for more than one person to ride in it. It also looks like the driver has his feet between front wheels. Not sure if that is an issue technically, but it leaves very little space in the front for suspension and steering.


There is a tiny issue, the exhaust pipe are either going to have a very tight bend in them, or they are going to go straight through the rear wheel, I think you should look at this before you get too far ahead. It certainly would not comply with EU rules (spit) if you left the exhausts where they are as they would discharge straight into pedestrians faces… Modelling looks good and clean BTW.

Cheers, Clock.

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@Tiku_67 Thanks for the tip! I’ll tweak the proportions a little bit.

@clockmender Thanks for the response! I moved the exhaust a little inward and took away the outward slant. I’m not sure if it would pass EU regulations, but I don’t live there anyway.:stuck_out_tongue: It’s also a painfully tight squeeze for the side air intake.:thinking:


Here are some renders of the Mansory 7 spoke wheel.

Yet more progress.

EEVEE is so awesome. :sunglasses:


So, the deadline came a few days ago, but I had enough done to make an entry:

I found out today (3/15/19) that it earned a blue ribbon!
We’ll see if it goes to national level.


floor texture??

This is getting ridiculous all these talented folks under one roof! Wonderful work!

ive been working on a concept car too!

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@AIRY_AUZY The floor is pretty much just a musgrave texture for roughness and specularity with a dark base color. Also, very cool that you’re working on your own car. Be sure to post it sometime!

@polynut Thanks! It means a lot!

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Make sure to show us when you are ready! :ok_hand: