3rd gen RX-7

While waiting for inspiration to strike for the next peugeot design comp. attempt, i decided to do a ‘real’ RX-7 since my previous one had been entirely made-up.

theres a lot of ‘panel alignment’ problems to deal with, but its taking shape quite nicely i think.


ahh crap this is sposed to be in WIP! woops!

Please move this post to WIP if you would be so kind


What does WIP mean anyway?

I like it nonetheless. Needs chrome and yes, align those panels. :smiley:

re: redbyte - i’m glad you like it, but i prefer to use minimal chromage on car bodies. When/if i get to the engine bay/engine, then there’ll be chrome aplenty.

Heres some more progress.


Work In Progress.

The models look nice except the windows don’t match the bodywork. That’s quite noticeable in the last image on the left of the windscreen.

I think you should add a sky texture to reflect in the bonnet/hood and windows.

more work… body nearly done

next are lights, brakes, tyre-tread and interior


F3 to save pics

Well, this is still in ‘Finished’ - I guess elysiun admins don’t actually check these forums.

Still not quite right round the headlights - Damn you mazda!

Thought i would show off a little ‘experiment’ with Madcows angmaps - Thanks Madcow!

This is a spherical env-map slapped onto the car to give it some convincing reflections. I turned the settings up way too high and this is what came out. Looks silly, but cool, so i thought i would share it.


hey where do I get the angmaps?

[email protected]’s angmaps:


Here are some more (I don’t think these were done by [email protected])http://www.frontiernet.net/~krich/images/angmaps/