3rd person cam rig

Almost code-less 3rd person cam rig :slight_smile:

Tracker - uses python to stay on the “Player’s” orientation and position

Player - basic movements mapped

camera - uses 6dof link and dynamic rotation and a track to


3rdPersonDemo.blend (490 KB)

Are you still working on your project or just giving stuff away now.Is it supposed to bounce like that.When you press d.

if I change the method, from Drot to a angular momentum that will fix it,

it’s Dloc going out of the bounds, and it is reset,

I am doing both, the .blend I made to help someone in about 6 minutes,

Alright then when will i see another video on your project?

:slight_smile: I need to combine a few systems, and start working on levels
want to help ?

I can help you learn to model, if you are having trouble :slight_smile:

Plain.blend (1.16 MB)I think texture painting is a great feature could you tell me how to do that?Did i show my plain?

Hmm… it doesn’t seem to work right for me. When I press up, the cube goes off to the right. It’s probably an easy fix.

yeah, it’s just more for dissection, the controls are not lined up correctly, but all the pieces are there :slight_smile: