3rd person game, RPG [.blend file p3!]

Hi everyone :),
I’m 16 and I’m a French student, so I will try to do my best to speak english as best as I can ;).
I decided a few weeks ago to begin an RPG with a similar gameplay to Zelda ocarina of time (the game I like the best).
This time I hope that I will succeed to finish this project!
I’m not a very good python programmer but now I’m able to make easy scripts which works. I’m creating this game all by myself (texture etc…) and now I’m pretty sure that now I got something interesting into my hands :evilgrin:

Presently I just made my main character, who can move and hang on ledges.
I’m currently working on the sequence of sword from my main character and then I’ll work on an archery.
Graphically I want a very similar style to the N64 that’s why I’m not using GLSL so that everybody will be able to play my game! ;).

Here is a little video ingame on youtube:


And here is a sreenshot taken ingame:

And finally some enemies concept I made for my game:



They have both less than 1300 poly, this is a render, I haven’t tried them ingame yet.

I’m looking forward your impressions! :slight_smile:

Me, I’m quite impressed!
Just lovely (and well made)!
Now, FINISH IT! :wink:

Congratulations! finish it please, and if you can share the ,blends.

Looks good. Is there any story yet?

I love the models. They have a sort of ‘Legend of Zelda’ kind of look about them, whilst being completely unique. Keep at it, and you’ll have an awesome game at your hands!

well textured models. good luck

Looking superb Fishy! Great work so far, please keep it up!

And if you don’t mind, consider sharing the .blends sometime, so people could learn from your nice work :slight_smile: There are plenty of great licenses out there that let you share your works and keep your intellectual rights :slight_smile:

Very zelda like! Great Job!

Just watched the vid again, and realized your guy blinks. That is super cool, and something I’d really like to learn.

Keep it up and you’ll have a winner.

Hi guys! :slight_smile:
Thanks for all of your comments, it’s really nice from you and it encourage me to continue and improve my game! :slight_smile:
I can’t share the .blend now because my game is not ready to be tested but don’t worry it’ll be and even if don’t finish this project I’ll share it before so that everybody will be able to see how I made my game, I promise :wink:
I’m glad to tell you that I did it!:smiley: I did the Archery!:smiley:

You can see the vid on you tube:


Here is a screenshot:


thanks :), to make my character blink it was really simple. I made 6 pictures of an eye blinking and then I put it on 6 different planes in blender and I used a remplace mesh actuator which changed each plane under a time property, I’ll certainly upload an example of this later :wink:

Now I’ll work on the enemies!:slight_smile:

I’m looking forward your impressions! :smiley:

good start ,i have been seeing your other threads and they seem abandoned and hope this one doesnt …
good luck .

Supercool :slight_smile:

I loved the blink feature too, and the FPA mode (First Person Archery) hehe :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your comments, and don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave this project for a while :wink:
I improved the archery, the system is nearly finished.:slight_smile:
Here is a vid:


I’m gonna make the .blend example of the blink feature, it will be ready soon.:slight_smile:

I’m waiting forward your comments!:slight_smile:

It’s beutiful =] Ocarina of time is my all time favourite game, so I’m really interested in this project, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The latest video looks great, keep it up pal =]

Thanks Hendore (hehe Ocarina of time is the greatest game of all time! :evilgrin:)
Don’t worry there will be a demo, but not yet my game still needs a lot of work :wink:

As I promised here is a demo of the Blink feature :


[edit: .blend with textures now]

And don’t forget to see the vid:


New updates soon…:wink:

Thanks for the blend. I’ll check it out and get back with ya.:evilgrin:

Just took a look at your blink.blend, nice job, I cleaned it up a little so that it’s more flexible (you can have a blink animation with more or less than 8 frames without changing the script, you just change a property (MaxEyes) on the eye mesh, and the script handles the rest :slight_smile:

############Script made by Fishy################

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()

SEye = cont.getActuator("SwitchEyes")

if own["Time"] &gt;= 1:
    own["Act"] = 1
if own.Act == 1:
    own["Eye"] += 1

if own["Eye"] &gt;= own["MaxEyes"]:
    own["Time"] = 0
    own["Eye"] = 1
    own["Act"] = 0
meshName = "Eye" + str(own["Eye"])

Keep it up fishy =]


Hi guys,
Thanks for your nice comments!:slight_smile:

: Clever, I hadn’t think about this(I did the script really fast), thanks!:smiley:

So today is a new Update! :smiley:
I’ve nearly done the first enemy AI script!
But… I did a little copy of zelda OOT for the death of the enemy…
Yes, the thing I like the best in Zelda OOT is when you got to shoot the enemy’s eyes in order to kill him so I decided to do the same system :smiley:
But don’t worry it’s only for this enemy that I do this feature, for the following enemies I got better ideas which come just from me :wink:

Here is the video on you tube:


And some screenshot:



I’m looking forward your comments! :slight_smile:

These pics looks promising, BGE has improved a lot last months.

If you need some music, I can compose a Zelda-style soundtrack for you. Just gimme a sign if you need it and tell me which mood the music has to be (fight, town, field, ect.)