3RD Person Game template - Motion Blur & Car Physics

I’Am a Solo Artist Named CookinSoda.!

This is the game.!:RocknRoll:
Currently status
-Enemy Animations is being improved.!
-Enemy AI is being Improved.!
-Main Character reload system is being improved.!

THE TEMPLATES************

This is the game template

this is the Car template, it has been improved & tweaked (for the game).


Looks pretty good. I like the motion blur and style you’ve got going. It might be a good idea to put a screenshot showing your game here, as well as cut out the beginning where you’re ‘preparing to play the game’ in the YouTube Video. Just cut to the footage, so to speak. Anyway, good job so far.

Thanks," & Will Do.!

Great work man! The gameplay is smooth and feels polished. Just one suggestion: I think you should setup a separate camera for when the player is driving the vehicle. :slight_smile:

Thanks & Take a Look.! :wink:


new gun BAZOOKA.!

New Stuff



Radiostation added Health Added Update Rockers

i call it Color Bleeds haha its just different Colors to Brighten the game up. give it a color corrected look.
( red dot for aim sight added)


There Are no 2d FILTERS. No Glsl No Lights. everything is Shadless for Smooth Gameplay.

haha keep it up man, looks good

Will Do & Appreciate it.!

Game Logo

Sorry everyone i will continue this project once my laptop is out the shop in a few days.