3rd person problem

So, as you can tell, I’m new fairly new to all of this. I’ve been modeling in blender for a little while but have just recently started my attempts at using the game engine. Here’s my query:

I tried using Iceman’s tutorial for 3rd person camera following. Problem is, every time I try to play it says “error: no (correct) camera”.

What do I have to do so the camera I made with the tutorial will be the “correct” camera?

:o do you have a camera in the scene?

  1. add or select your camera… :wink:

  2. go to the game menu F4

  3. with he camera still selected make an ( always ) sensor, connect it with a ( and ) controller, then connect the ( and ) controller to a ( camera ) actuator…

  4. that’s it just make sure the camera is on the right axis ( camera direction Y I think ) if you don’t get it just play with the directions and distance etc options…

    note: make sure you put the name of the object you want the
    camera to fallow in the camera ( actuator )

good luck hope i helped :Z

perhaps select it and press control+numpad0?

lol could be that too…

Probably is.


Thanks for the help guys. I’ve got the camera working now…although I’m wondering, is there a way to make it turn with the main actor more? Right now the camera only turns when I press the up or down arrows, although I’m using all the arrows for movement.