3rd person setup

I am trying to use raiders mouselook in my current game project(rust) but the mouse never rotates right with the mouse. Here is the .blend.

What version of blender do you use?

2.49, I hate 2.5

Hmm then i cant help you, Only using 2.5 cause i truly love it :smiley: And you better soon learn it :slight_smile: You wont regreat it when everything get stable :slight_smile:

the blend is here

its a problem with your rotation on the camera. It most på 0 in the rotation at all axiz. But. I dont know how to change what rotation the origin of the camera should be.

I know its a rotation problem…

please help. I really need this problem fixed in order for my current project to progress.

help… it would be greatly appreciated if you did.

that is strange…have you tried asking the developer?