3rd person shooter help

I know it can be done. I just know it. I have searched the net for 5 day’s looking for a way to setup my game for a 3rd person shooter. I found a couple setup’s for it but no tutorial, I don’t know what each coding does.

What I want is a tutorial that shows me how to setup a 3rd person shooter game in Blender or another 3D Game Creation Program.

Can Anyone Help or have any input on how it may be done.

yes, a third person shooter can be done in the blender game engine.
But if this is your first time to make a game, then i suggest that you start off with something smaller.
Me and some other guys tried to start a third person shooter but decided it was too much for us.
So we’re starting off with smaller games that cover each aspect of making a full third person shooter. Then when we’ve aquired enough knowledge, we’re going to make a full third person shooter.
We’re almost done with our first game called “Space Wars”.
Hope that helps.

So what your saying is a FPS game is easy to setup cuz I’ve done that. (not a full game just a demo). But when it comes to a 3rd person shooter. The Scripting and Logic become so complicated that it cannot be broken down into a simple basic terminology of how it works or a tutorial of it?

No need to get cocky. If you have the coding ability to set up a fully functional FPS from scratch, then you should have the skills and knowledge to create a TPS.

sry didn’t mean to make that comment sound cocky. All I’m saying is there has to be a way of explaining the concept behind it. Besides, I’m sure everyone has the knowledge to create a FPS from scratch. Tutorial’s are all over the net, in fact that’s all I can find on shooter games. It seems no one knows fully how to create one.

What i mean is, “Do you have the coding and logic knowledge to create and code an FPS game from scratch?” Not, “Can you follow online tutorials?”

There aren’t many tutorials for TPS games, so instead of relying on tutorials that tell you exactly what you need to create, use the knowledge you gain from each tutorial to make new, original things, like a TPS.

In my opinion, yes, a TPS is a bit harder because it’s difficult to get the camera just right. Also, the character is completely in view so you have to model and animate him completely which requires extra work.

Point taken, I see what your saying. However, I have seen tutorial’s for this and that but not something that explains the action for example they all say. Put this here and type blah blah blah blah now press play. Tada, and I’m sitting there thinking. ok what does this all mean?

I guess I need something that explains fully how to move the camera around using python coding. That would be a Start. Say I’m making a game where when my character get’s to this point I want the camera to move to this position in a smooth manner. Any Idea where I can start looking for coding like that?


I know it is tuff but I also work on that since quite a while.
If I get a good thing I will tell you, but for know, I swim in the ****.

Just use a Slow parented camera as main arcade camera behind your character. If you don’t your camera to rotate with your character, just parent it to an empty which position is locked to your charcter’s position using python get and setPosition. Then you can Empty around your map and when your character enters specific zone, set your first empty (locked to character’s position) to go to the other empty (for scripted camera for example). The camera will then slowly return to the new position of your main Empty, which can be reset behind your character afterward.

Is that clear?! Not sure :slight_smile: In short, play with getPosition, setPosition and Slow parenting. You should get to some results

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