3rd person shooter HELP!!!!!

ok so im making a 3rd person shooter game and its just like a little mini game but i still want it to look good. right now the player is just a little sphere. can anyone give me a link to some good character modeling tutorial. maybe even one for GE character bounds box and stuff. Any Game Engine Tutorial on the topic of 3rd person shooter games i can use so please give me the link

In this site you have some good tutorials about the game engine, but it uses Zbrush, if you have some knowlege on sculpt mode you can make almost the same on blender if you dont have the Zbrush.

Greetings BlenderGE, I hope you get what you need. Here’s my advice: Before jumping into making a game, you must at least be able to do your own animated scenes. A game is an optimized version of such a scene, with interactivity.
When you get Blender, there are links you can use to get yourself started. I started by reading the Blender Art magazine. It comes with some excellent tutorials. Then use google, this forum’s search engine, etc. As hobbyists, we need to self train ourselves with Blender.
In order for you to improve your artistic skills, I invite you to join the Beginner’s Open Game #4: Fangs of the Abyss (former Noobzila).
If not interested, you can Google for any other package’s tutorials, the idea is basically the same.

i have done only one rigged character animation. i made the character and rigged him myself. these are some of my models and fluid simulations just some simple physics stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al_swU7yiRs