3rd person shooting

Im trying to make a 3rd person shooter in blender but i have run into a little problem…i dont know how to make the gun shoot and how to make it shoot where the cursor is pointing

if anyone can help me with a python scri u know of or even a tut that would be helpfull tnx

I suppose that you have the mouselook script already. If not, here’s a tutorial http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Game_Engine/MouseLook/MouseLook_First_1.html

As for the shooing part, add an empty and put it where the gun is; Add a cube in layer 2 and order it to always move on the Y axis; Parent the empty to the gun or the camera; give the empty a command to add the cube from layer 2 when the LMB is pressed; Start the game; Hit the LMB.

As for the crosshair you can find loads of textures on the internet or you can make one yourself.

tnx man
ill try it out

i posted one. hold on

look for GUN TRACK

tnx man =D

that’s fine!