3rd person view game

okay, so i have a character, with a walking animation and armatures, how do i make it so i can control the character in game mode with the camera following behind him?

Make the character the parent of the Camera (Select Camera, Select character, CTRL+P, Make Parent).

okay. But how do I make it so you can actually control the character with the directional keys and such?

Search for a tutorial on using logic bricks. The sticky at the top of this forum with the tutorials in it. There are tons on logic bricks.


heres a setup file i put together for 3rd person games using the mouse, its a good starting point to append ur model to or to copy off of. very similar to max payne’s.


Whenever i make somthing 3rd person, i use the Camera Actuator, it works like a charm.

The logic looks like this -

Always > And > Camera

I am working on a third person shooter too check it out.
Dynamic shadows and Bump mapping will be added soon with Crystalblend.